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My name is Anja Daleman and I live in Amsterdam.

Born in Den Helder, 100 metres from the Nort Sea. A happy childhood with lots of visits to the beach, Texel, dogs, horse riding.

We have moved a lot, from Den Helder to Schagen, Diever, & Bussum. I studied Hotel management  and after my studies moved to Amsterdam and started working at Hotel Pulitzer. After 3 years I spend a couple of months in Aix en Provence to study the French language and when back changed jobs and started working in Recruitment. From recruitment into the Event industry and my final job before becoming an entrepreneur I worked for the Rijksmuseum. Now I have a photography business since 2006!

I have been enjoying photography since the nineties



When you are a business owner it's important to show the world who you are, what you do, what makes you unique. Photography is a great marketing tool and I can help you with that!

Contact me when you are ready to refreshen your photographs on your website!

Below a portrait photo of Ulrike Meder from Dogrelate with her dogs Hope and Malibu.

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