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Angie loves Dogs (ALD) thinks it is important that you know what to expect from the dog walking service.

These conditions contain the agreements between the owner and Angie loves Dogs . This way you know exactly where you stand and you and your dog will not be surprised. If you have any questions regarding the general terms and conditions, you can of course always contact me.



The owner: The person who owns / possesses the dog and is legally responsible for the dog.

ALD: Angie loves Dogs. Anja Daleman's dog walking/ dog sitting service. She can never be designated as the owner or possessor of the dog.

The dog: The dog or dogs that are walked by Angie loves Dogs (ALD).


1. The dog is going on an individual walk with ALD. During the intake interview and / or a trial walk, ALD will assess whether the dog walking or dog sitting service can be hired.

2. The dog can join the walking service from the age of 6 months. Possibly earlier in consultation. Pups can then come along from the moment it is justified to walk or run for a full hour.

2a. ALD offers the Puppy Service for young puppies.

3. The dog should be social towards people and other dogs.

4. The dog can reasonably listen and knows the basic commands "here", "sit" and "stay".

5. ALD has the right to refuse dogs in advance if she is of the opinion that the dog can pose a danger to other dogs or people.


1. The owner ensures that the dog receives the annual cocktail vaccination as well as vaccinations against kennel cough. The owner must be able to provide proof of vaccination when requested.

2. The owner provides preventive treatment against fleas, ticks and worms all year round.

3. In case of illness, physical limitations or in heat of the dog, the owner will inform ALD as soon as possible before the agreed walk.

4. The owner authorizes ALD to contact the vet in the event of an accident, serious injury or illness of the dog. The costs are borne by the owner. Of course, the owner will always be informed as soon as possible.


1. The owner of the dog is obliged to have a valid third-party insurance in which the dog is included on the policy.

2. The owner is liable for all damage caused by the dog. Of course, everything is done to prevent this.

2A. Any costs to third parties can be recovered from the owner.

2B. If it is not clear which dog (s) is the cause of the damage, the costs will be divided between the owners of the dogs.

3. ALD is not liable for any injury, illness, contamination, infection, lameness or any other injury or damage that your dog incurs.

4. ALD is not responsible for the dog running away. In the unlikely event that a dog chooses its own path, everything will be done to find the dog again.

5. ALD has a duty to handle the owner's property with care. However, she is not liable for burglary, theft or damage (to belongings) in, to and around the house where the dog is picked up and brought home.

6. ALD is only liable for damage if it can be demonstrated that the occurrence of this damage is due to misuse by the key made available to her or the negligence of ALD.

7. ALD is not liable for damage (to belongings) in, on and around the house by the wet or dirty dog. ALD will leave the dog towel dry in the house.


1. The owner gives permission to enter the house by means of a key contract.

2. The owner's key is only labeled by ALD with the dog's name. (Never with the address)

3. Keys are never left unattended in the vehicle

4. If the owner no longer wants to use the services of Mevrouw de Hond, she will personally return the key to the owner within one week after cancellation.


1. ALD will always treat the dog responsibly, with the utmost care, love and attention.

2. ALD walks the dog for the full agreed duration and at the agreed time.

3. The owner ensures that the dog is present at the agreed place and time.

4. The dog must have a solid collar (no slip collar).

5. The owner must be reachable by telephone during the dog walk.

6. ALD has the right to let the dog run free, unless otherwise agreed.


1. ALD and the owner determine in advance on which days the dog will be taken out.

2. Canceling a walk should be done 24 hours in advance.

3. In case of deregistration within 24 hours before the agreed walk and on the walking day itself, ALD has the right to charge the normal rate.

4. In case of unforeseen circumstances or due to force majeure (for example calamities, illness, car breakdown or severe weather conditions) ALD will contact the owner as soon as possible.

4A. If a walk cannot continue, the costs of the unmade walk will not be charged.

4B. ALD has the right, if reasonably possible, to have the walk take place at an earlier / later time on the agreed walking day.

4C. ALD has the right to have the walk take place under the supervision of a suitable replacement designated by her.

5. Holidays of the owner and ALD must be notified 2 weeks in advance.

6. ALD has the right to temporarily stop the walks during her holiday or to have them take place under the supervision of a suitable replacement designated by her.

ANGIE LOVES DOGS has the right to change the general terms and conditions at any time.
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