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Bring your (other) love of your life to your wedding!

Dogs can be super adorable & friendly one on one or in small groups with people they now, most dogs need supervision and attention around larger crowds.

Sometimes dogs can become over-excited, anxious & clingy in environments they are not familiar with, like a wedding.

And which of your family or friends are you going to ask to give up their day of fun to play dog sitter?


WEDDING DAY PACKAGE - 4-6 HOURS € 240 - € 360

A Meet and Greet to discuss your Wedding Day, Venue and where and when you want your dog included. i.e Ceremony, Photo's, Venue, Reception.

A trip to a pre-booked groomers and any outfit/special collars put on.

We will look after your dog while you are getting ready.

Be present at the Wedding, Venue, Reception and Photo's to look after your dog in between your dog's photo's.

After your dog has finished participating at your Wedding we can take him home or drop off locally to a friend/relative.

This package is approximately 6 hours. € 360 is the fee for one dog, however please note an extra € 50 to be added per dog thereafter.

WEDDING SITTERS PACKAGE - price to be determined.

This package includes all of the above, plus..

Dog Sitting in your home with your dog after we leave the Wedding until 1pm the next day.

Any gifts, cards, balloons, cake and keepsakes can be collected and taken home, mail taken in, plants watered. Peace of mind knowing your home is occupied and your pets are comfy in their usual surroundings. 

Angie Loves Dogs Amsterdam, de individuele hondenuitlaatservice en hondenoppas in Amsterdam en omgeving. Daarnaast honden taxi services, hondenfotografie, art prints van uw hond of familie en honden services tijdens de bruiloft, huwelijk, trouwerij.
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