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Angie Loves Dogs is de professionele & individuele hondenuitlaatservice in Amsterdam.

My friends call me Angie! My Dutch name is Anja and I am your dog person in Amsterdam.

I am an experienced dog walker | dog sitter with happy customers. Specialised in helping dogs enjoy their day when their 'parents' are unable to walk, feed, or otherwise care for them. I provide the experience, knowledge and care necessary for dog owners to feel comfortable in knowing they are leaving their loved ones in good hands during the work day, holiday or other obligations.

Learned from the best. For many years I know Ulrike Meder from Dogrelate and I have helped her with her dogs: Lillyfee, Malibu & Hope, rescue dogs from Turkey and Romania. She has taught me lots about dogs, their characters, how to walk and for example how to avoid interaction with agressive dogs. In 2020 I met Brian Agnew, The Balanced Dog, one of the foremost dog behaviorists in the USA. And.. I also have started my training at O&O to become a dog trainer myself and recently passed for the first exam!

Hope to get in touch soon.

Love Angie, Your dog's Best second Friend.

Angie the Amsterdam Dog walker/ dog sitter also known as Anja. Beside her profession as a photographer in Amsterdam, she loves to work with dogs as well. Since December 2020, Anja runs Angie Loves Dogs.
About Me





Individual walks

Dog sitting my place or at your home.

UPDATE June 2023:


at the moment due to circumstances.

For appointments like visit to vet or grooming appointment

For puppies & Golden oldies.

Amazing portraits of your dog(s) or Personal Branding shoots for your business.

Bring your (other) love of your life to your wedding!

Review Angie Loves Dogs by Ulrike Meder from Dogrelate. Ulrike highly recommends Anja with all dog related services like Dog walking Amsterdam, Dog sitting and House sitting Amsterdam area.

Ulrike Meder, Dog behaviorist - Dogrelate

I can highly recommend Anja with all dog related services like Dog walking, dog & house sitting.

As a dog trainer I have high standards with my own dogs and Anja was always my first and only choice when I needed someone trustful, experienced and professional looking out my dogs in my home to care for.

Anja is also capable to deal with dogs with behavior issues like fear and agression and - driven by a high responsibility -  she makes sure that the dogs are safe and their environment. At the same time she creates a deep band of trust and respect with every of her dog sitting dogs. With her natural talent for dogs ( not only for photography) she is unique and I am also blessed to have her as one of my dearest friends. 


You can be sure that your dog is ALWAYS in best hands with Anja!


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